The Problem

Everyday millions of people are sharing their personal data across the web without controlling it.
privacy lock
No Privacy

For a price, third-party buyers and sellers all over the world will be able to see your private information.

data sharing
No Control

You don’t get to choose who shares your data -- or how much they share.

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Monetizable Data Control What Your Share Get Rewarded Gather Analytics Follow & Create Groups
lumeos dapp

The Solution

Our decentralized system empowers you to take full control of your data. We believe the only person who should decide what to do with your personal information … is you.

Our robust protocol backs an open data marketplace with individual buyers, sellers, and viewers exchanging information on a P2P basis.

Lumeos App


  • Create Survey

    Survey respondents answer polls to earn LUME tokens

  • Lumeos Token

    Leaderboard rankings will reward top responders with extra LUMES!

  • Survey

    Survey Creators Pay Respondents To View Detailed Polling Results (Demographic And Geographic Segmentation)

  • Profile

    Respondents and Survey Creators Can Interact Via The App's Social Interaction Features

Lumeos SDK

Features (arriving 1H19)

  • Laptop

    Embed polls on any website using our SDK

  • Code

    Easy integration, as simple as 1 line of javascript

  • Lumeos Token

    Website owners and their users get paid in LUME

  • Analytics

    Get analytics and verify rest knowing that the data is verified by the blockchain

Lumeos App & Infrastructure

  • Designed by a team of software engineers from Google, Amazon, Uber, IBM, Bloomberg, and other top companies
  • Architected to support (our goal of) 10+ million uses by 2023
  • Our transparent, encrypted storage and smart contract logic is built on highly scalable and fast EOS blockchain technology
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Phase 1 - Seed Round Q3 2018

Beta release of Lumeos Mobile dApp. 1000+ beta testers signed up for private beta test.


Phase 2 - Private Sale Q4 2018

Release iOS and Android dApp. Conduct LUME Airdrop via EOS. Launch UX Research (paid) polls feature. Begin college Ambassaor program. Launch data wallet on testnet. Goal: 10,000 users.

Phase 3 - H1 2019

Launch data wallet on mainnet. Scale College Ambassador Program. Goal: 100,000 users


Phase 4 - H2 2019

Launch feature to import Facebook, Google and Twitter history. Launch Web SDK for developers. Goal: 1,000,000 users

Phase 5 - H1 2020

Launch Lumeos DMP. Further expansion and growth. Support for multiple blockchains.


Ali Ayyash
Founder & CEO

Blockchain Entrepreneur Advisor, Blogger, Speaker, Beetoken, Google, Amazon, IBM

Zokir Tiliaev

10+ years C++ Engineer, Athena Capital, Bloomberg, IBM

Anna Lansfjord

10+ years experience in digital payments as COO. National policy advisor on innovation in the EU.

Rick Koleta
Rick Koleta

10+ years of Marketing & Community Building. CEO of CreatorDen, ex-AdColony

Mike Lin
Head of Product

15+ years in fintech, MIT MBA, equity research at Allianz Global Investors, Co-founder of Bit2US

Fred Madrid
Lead Designer

Designer with 15+ years working for companies like Disney, Under Armour, Hipmunk, Salesforce and Ron Paul


David Packham
Lead Investor

Co-Founder EOS42, EOS London community leader, Board Advisor for WORBLI

Kedar Iyer
EOS Blockchain

Head of Software @ Everipedia, Co-founder & CTO @ LibertyBlock

Min Kim

Marketing for Tim Draper, Civic, Beetoken, Houbi Ex

Zeev Kirsh

Blockchain attorney, ICO legal expert, DNA Fund

Dmitry Chirun

Masters in cryptography & math, blockchain technology consultant and advisor. ex-VP Technology of Wargaming

Aaron Wu

Draper university. Blockchain law. Budgets, Tax, Securities. Co-founder of Starfish

Katya Akudovich
Head of Business Development

CEO of LiveJournal, Head of Strategic Alliances at PandaDoc, ex-Google, ex-Microsoft

Doug Aronson
Head of Social Marketing

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Social/Digital Expert & Community Builder, ex-Civic, ex-BeeToken

Guocheng Xie
Systems Architect

Senior engineer at Uber Pool. Previous intern at Amazon.

Gopinath Sivalingam

Head Of Strategy at EOS Pro, Founder of Tulip Conference, Program Director Crypto Economic Security Conference - Blockchain @ Berkeley


Our partner &
ambassador program

Lumeos is designed to be accessible to everyone; in keeping with this philosophy we have looked for partners and ambassadors from all over the place. We’ve partnered with organizations such as ZeusProtocol, SpringRole, and Students for Liberty to promote awareness around the enormous social potency of the blockchain. Our other outreach program, designed for the younger generation, will mentor students from over 20 of the best universities in the United States by giving them hands-on experience in the blockchain space in the form of talks, Lumeos perks, and networking opportunities.

Become an Ambassador